Apostle Barbara G. Adams

Apostle Barbara Adams was called into ministry in 1979...

 Sister Barbara (at the time) was saved and served faithfully under the leadership of Bishop Rufus A. Montague Sr. at Christ Holiness Straightway of the Apostle's Faith, No. 1 church in Wake Forest, NC.  In 1979 she was called into the ministry.  She was also married to husband Apostle Lindsey W. Adams Sr. in 1976 under Bishop Montague.  Bishop Montague went home to be with the Lord in April of 1978. 

Apostle Barbara Adams and husband, Apostle Lindsey Adams continued steadfast in the Christ Holiness ministry when in 1979, Apostle Lindsey Adams started the first "Born Again Free Deliverance Tabernacle Church of God The Apostle's Faith" (Born Again Free Church / B.A.F. Church) church in their home with his wife, and three children in Wendell, NC.  They moved into their first building in 1980 in Garner, NC.  In 1984, God relocated him to 2832 Urban St. Winston Salem, NC.  They went into the current headquarters church located at 741 Moravia St. Winston Salem, NC in 1992.  God allowed the church to be fully furnished and paid in full upon entering. 

Evangelist Barbara Adams (at the time) worked in ministry with her husband as she started the Church Choir, Usher Board, Come Walk with Me in White (later named Women Alive Unto God), etc.  She was later called to pastor and established Born Again Free Church No. 2 in a rented building on Church Street in Thomasville, NC  with her 5 children as her congregation, choir, usher board, missionary board, clean-up committee, etc.  After desiring and petitioning the Lord for her own church building, God lead Elder Adams (at the time) to the land which had a pool of water in the middle of it.  God told her that was the place.

On August 1, 1998 we dedicated the new edifice – Born Again Free Church #2!  Bishop Barbara Adams (at the time) stood by Apostle Lindsey Adams in ministry.  Before Apostle Lindsey Adams Sr.’s timely death in 2014, Bishop Adams was ordained Overseer and Chief Apostle in the Lord’s Church of the Born Again Free Churches Inc. and yet continues in the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.